Washi Tape Ideas

Personalize your composition book

personalize composition bookIf your child is required to have a composition book, why not really make it their own?  Think scrapbooking!  Put a variety of papers, ribbons, and stickers in front of your child and let the creative juices flow.

I encourage a plan and require the child’s name and class/subject to be clearly and easily noticeable on the front cover. But I may be a little OCD.  Let them have freedom to express themselves.

The composition book pictured is from Wahine Inks.

Know which drink is yours…

coffee bottlesKayah was preparing for friends to come for a visit.  She used washi tape to decorate coffie bottles that I had saved.  She also used the tape to make flags for each straw.  She labelled the flags with each person’s name so they would always know which drink belonged to them.


Kayah loves washi tape

washi tape cansKayah loves washi tape.  She has used it to decorate lamp shades. Then she used cans like those pictures here, from The Crafted Sparrow, to coordinate her desk organizers.

washi tape framesBecause she likes to decorate so much, this idea is great for her.  Make a picture wall with washi tape frames.  You can easily remove the tape without harming the painted wall and change the pictures are often as you like. This idea came from Sheila Jane.