2000px-5_stars.svgIt is structured like the books I remember from my childhood

By Amazon Customer on April 21, 2016

Format: Paperback

I adore this book! It is structured like the books I remember from my childhood, with discussion questions at the end of a great story. I really love that fact, because it makes it really easy to engage my niece and nephews to make sure they understood the book. It also has wonderful illustration to go along with the beautifully written book. I would really recommend this to anyone who has munchkins!

There is no end to Kayah’s talents: castle-building, dog-whispering, ghost-busting… but behind all of that, she’s first and foremost a big sister. This charming children’s book shows us that it’s not the things we do that make us who we are – it’s what we mean to other people. With cutesy illustrations and a relatable school setting, children will love Kayah’s wistful journey into her imagination as she recounts all the things she’s good at. A highly recommended story – everyone needs a big sister like Kayah!

– John Bolton – freelance writer/copywriter, United Kingdom

Spectacularly creative. ‘What Do I Do Well?’ is as inspiring as it is entertaining. Take a peek into Kayah’s life and watch as children are encouraged to value their impact in each other’s lives while discovering their own self-worth. Children will love relating to Kayah as well as coming up with the things they personally excel at. Such a great message with wonderful characters.

– Nicole Thomas – Owner Pony Expresso, Tallahassee, Florida

A sweet children’s book

I was asked to review this book, What Do I Do Well? and I’m so happy I got a chance to read it!  This book is just absolutely wonderful.

It begins with a young girl’s excitement and worries about starting a new year at school.  She talks about missing her best friend from the previous year and hoping she will be in the same class.  The first assignment is to draw a picture of what the student does well.  She thinks about all the things she does well and comes to a very sweet and wonderful conclusion.

I enjoyed reading this book because it has a lovely story and beautiful illustrations.  As a mom, it was very heartwarming to read a story that ends with a child realizing the greatest thing she can do is give love and to care for someone else.  This is a fantastic story to read to or with an older sibling.

– Anita Pwell, A Girly BoyMom

This book has a very unique angle for kids. It starts with the normal anxieties children face before resuming school and ends with sibling love. It shows how creative and analytical little children can be. When Kayah was asked what she was good at doing, she made a list of things only to find out that she was quite good at a lot of things. Children will find this book very entertaining and educative.

– Samuel Carson,  teacher, United States